The History of 182 Front St, Belleville, is a storied one, from its inception as a trading post in the 1920s, called Ed Thomas’s Cigar shop, to it’s more recent incarnation as, Stuarts Place, and Earl and Angelo’s. Ed Thomas held the location for many decades. Many other businesses have been at this location over the years. In honor of this rich history, we decided on the name Export Grill as an homage to the green Export cigarettes sign that hung so prominently form Eddie’s store front.  We pay tribute to the businesspeople that have come before paving the way for the next generation of business and owners in beautiful downtown Belleville and we hope to do the same. 

Today at 182 Front St. Export Grill is delivering you Great Craft Beer, Good Spirits, and Food of all Kinds. Our promise is to provide fantastic food, great beverages, and unparalleled service, in a relaxed safe atmosphere. Our mission statement is to provide a dinning experience that is tailored to the customer. We will do whatever it takes to make your experience extraordinary.